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TKE Educational Foundation.

All donations to Life Loyal Teke are tax-deductible.


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Help Your Fraternity Thrive

Our Declaration of Principles states, "We believe that at no other period in the life of a man is the time more opportune for the fostering of such qualities than during the years of his college career." These qualities you developed in college helped you be a better leader and a better man. Joining Life Loyal Teke allows you the opportunity to show your pride in Tau Kappa Epsilon, The Fraternity for Life.

Provide a Direct Grant to TKE

Your tax-deductible gift to Life Loyal Teke provides a direct grant to Tau Kappa Epsilon for leadership development through educational programming.

Invest In Tomorrow

Contributions made to the Life Loyal Teke program provide for educational opportunities for Tekes. Your gift is investing in the future of another Frater.


By having a significant baseline of Life Loyal Tekes, TKE can continue to keep rising event registration costs to a minimum or even potentially lower them in the future.

What Everyone Receives

All Life Loyal Tekes receive a personal subscription to THE TEKE magazine including four issues per year. You will also receive an official LLT membership card, membership certificate, and lapel pin.

Receive Exclusive Benefits

We provide additional information and greater access for those contributing at the Cherry level. The Life Loyal Teke newsletter and webinars provide TKE updates and information on personal and professional development. You also gain online access to webinar recordings and THE TEKE’s digital archives.

Reengagement in the Fraternity

Uphold your commitment to the Fraternity by becoming a contributing member to the Fraternity for Life. Step up and take the challenge to keep the Teke spirit alive by joining the Life Loyal Teke program.

Frequently Asked Questions

I Joined Life Loyal Teke Prior to 2015. What Does This Mean For Me?

We re-introduced the Life Loyal Teke program on Founders' Day 2015. Fraters who joined under the original program and who have lifetime status will continue to receive all of the program benefits listed for the Cherry Level ($50) of the program. New Life Loyal Tekes are making an annual contribution of either $18.99 or $50 to support the Fraternity for Life rather than the previous one-time pay version.

We ask all lifetime members to support a new tradition by clicking below and making this same commitment to contribute annually.

Can I mail in a check to become an LLT?

Absolutely! Download our manual LLT form and mail it to Tau Kappa Epsilon ATTN: LLT, 7439 Woodland Dr Suite 100, Indianapolis, IN 46278.

Gray Level

$18.99Per Year

  • Life Loyal Teke Certificate
  • Membership Card
  • Life Loyal Teke Pin
  • THE TEKE magazine subscription
  • Support Tau Kappa Epsilon collegiate members
  • Houseplate Brick Upgrade on Better Men for a Better World Courtyard
  • Tax Deductible Contribution
Best Deal

Cherry Level

$50.00 Per Year

  • All Gray Level Benefits
  • Life Loyal Teke newsletter
  • Participation in the annual LLT survey
  • Annual reporting of how Life Loyal Teke funds are utilized
  • Invitations to periodic live webinar/teleconferences (with senior staff or key volunteers)
  • Archival access to recorded versions of these events
  • Full access to THE TEKE magazine archives
  • Access to LLT branded apparel and gifts
  • 5% Discount at
  • Enterprise/National Car Rental Discount
  • Tax Deductible Contribution